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THE DANISH VILLA HOTEL, Arugam bay, Sri Lanka. Phone: +94 (0) 7769 57936 info@thedanishvilla.com 

We arrange all kind of tours: Safaris to YalaNational Park, Fishing Trips, Elephant and/or Crocodile watching, Taxi service.

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Arugam Bay and the surroundings have a lot to offer. Start your day by watching the amazing sun raise, take a walk along the beach to the lagoon and have a look at the fishermen landing the nights catch and the locals paddling along in there canoes. Relax and enjoy your breakfast on the terrace watching the bird life in the garden.   


Then go to the white glittering beach enjoy the sun, go for a swim or go surfing, take a tuk tuk to the surrounding untouched nature and be amazed by the wildlife. Feel the local life style and enjoy the native food. If this is not enough for one day then go out to one of the many restaurants and maybe make some arrangements for tomorrows safari or canoe trip through the mangroves of Pottuvil Lagoon. ........

If you want to experience the surrounding area keep in mind that it is within easy reach of the superb kovils (temple grounds) at Okanda, Lahugala and Yala National Parks, and the famous city and temple of Kataragama.

Sri Lanka is a paradise for animal lovers who enjoy animal and bird watching. There are many national parks and sanctuaries in Sri Lanka that offer you an opportunity to observe a real wildlife once in your lifetime. The animals that roam the national parks and sanctuaries are variety. Example of animals that you can see in a national park such as Yala National Park are elephants, leopards, sloth bears, deer and monkeys, wild buffalos, wild boars (pig), porcupines, ant-eaters, civet cats, jackals, mongooses, Loris (unique to Sri Lanka), several varieties of lizards, squirrels, reptiles and amphibians.