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After The Tsunami
Arugam bay, Sri Lanka. Phone: +94 (0) 7769 57936 info@thedanishvilla.com 



The Danish Villa is  one of the few houses untouched by the Tsunami. But very unfortunately most of the people in the Bay are very effected, and most of the houses are severely damaged.  Help is needed and various organisations are doing their best to bring back livelihood to the people. Even though things are happening slowly, small restaurants and shops are almost back in the same number as before. Most Hotels are back in business in a smaller scale, ready for the season. The ones suffering most is the people in the refugee camps and the people living in temporary shelters on the beachside within the buffer zone (200 meters from the coast line).  Most people who lost their property do not have the founds to rebuild their houses or they are not allowed to rebuild, because of new government regulations. This situation is very frustrating but hopefully this will be clarified in the near future.

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Read the story about Thaseem, the fisherman and guesthouse owner.

In Sri Lanka, a Frustrating Limbo. Rules Leave Tsunami Survivors Unable to Rebuild Lives.

By John Lancaster
Washington Post Foreign Service

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Some of the children in the camps.

We arrived to Arugam Bay the 5th of January and started right away to help cleaning up in the area and to clean up approximately 200 wells in the northern part of the bay.
We got a lot of support from various private people and organisations, Red Cross, Mr. Asoka from Kandy, BWSC, Mercy Corp and Mr. Jannik from PalŠ Bar, Copenhagen helped with submersible pumps, kerosene pumps and generators.

Mr. Jannik from PalŠ Bar, Copenhagen supported with more than 300 emergency packages, arranged 35 workers and 9000 bottles  from Lion/Carlsberg Brewery which was distributed in various refuge camps .

Adra Canada supported with more than 1000 water containers and 300 mosquito nets.


The various projects (well cleaning, land clean up, water filtration plant, distribution of emergency aid, donations, loans, temporary  latrines and electrical installations) was financed by The Danish Villa, family, friends, Travellers Guild Denmark http://www.berejst.dk/, Mercy Corp and Mr. Jannik from PalŠ Bar, Copenhagen and more.....